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Archaeology Museum Lecture Series: Recreating the Maya & Aztec Cosmos

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The lecture begins a new exhibit at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology. MAP:

Astronomy and the Mesoamerican Cosmos, artwork and interpretation by Fernando Arturo Rodriguez, through April 20

Astronomy and the Mesoamerican Cosmos is a look at the cosmos, constellations and mythology from a Mesoamerican perspective. Like the ancient peoples of the Old World, the inhabitants of the New World placed a high importance on the movement of the heavens throughout the year. In time, these groups developed astronomical systems that are distinct from those that modern Western Society find familiar. 

The multi-media exhibit features the work and research of Fernando Arturo Rodriguez, artist and student of Mesoamerican Cosmology. Rodriguez is a Limited-Residency Undergraduate student of interdisciplinary studies at Prescott College in Arizona. His work on Mesoamerican astronomy has been presented at universities and institutions across the U.S. and Mexico. He lives with his wife and son in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The exhibit will remain on display through April 20.


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