Robert Carlson

Celebration of Our Mountains thanks El Paso artist, Robert Carlson, for granting us permission to use an image of his painting, Desert Mountain Blue Jay, on our event guide cover and the home page of our website. The painting was an oil on linen and has been sold. This is the fourth year in a row that we have chosen an image of a Robert Carlson painting.

“The son of a German mother and an American father, Robert Carlson moved to El Paso, Texas when he was seven years old, attending public schools and the University of Texas at El Paso.  Rather than attend art school, Carlson began the hard work of teaching himself how to paint, spending over a decade developing a precise and flawlessly smooth technique he refers to as ‘sharp-focus realism’.  In 1973 he began to work full-time as a professional artist, and to this day works exclusively at his art.” – From About the Artist, Robert Carlson Fine Art,

For more information about his work, contact Robert Carlson, , 915.584.6314.

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