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Carol with Ilythia

Carol with Ilythia

She has hiked the Alps, reached the summit of Mt. Wheeler in New Mexico and Mts. Elbert and Massive in Colorado. She has ridden horseback in Peru, Argentina and Iceland. Yet her motto is: “I hike the Franklin Mountains.” For 16 years, this 73-year-old mother of 3, grandmother of 8 and great-grandmother of 11, has hiked the Franklins, the Organs, the Guadalupe Mts., Lincoln National Forest and the Gila National Forest.

Carol Brown was born for the outdoors. She was raised on a farm in Nebraska, and she shared a cabin in the Colorado mountains with her husband, children, one dog, several cats and two horses. Of course, the business that she and her husband began, and she still runs is outdoors: a windshield chip repair service, Glass CPR Chip/Crack Pit Repair, 915-630-1424.

Carol is the epitome and the icon of hiking. After her husband died in 2001 she joined the hiking group of old Charlie Topp and Farmdog. The rest, they say, is history. Now she introduces hundreds of people to the trails each year. She finds gratification in seeing people become leaders who introduce new people to our mountains.

Carol says: “Hiking is the best way for me to stay healthy: physically and mentally and spiritually.” This year, Carol will lead a record-setting 8 hikes for Celebration of Our Mountains.

We dedicate our Fall 2018 Celebration of Our Mountains to Carol Brown.

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Jim Tolbert, Director, Celebration of Our Mountains

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