Welcome to the 2017 Celebration of Our Mountains. For 23 years, we’ve been hiking, biking, birding, climbing, photographing, geocaching, studying and celebrating the natural wonders of the Borderland.

As part of the City of El Paso’s 2017 celebration of Earth Month, Celebration of Our Mountains is leading six events. We are proud to be a part of El Paso’s Earth Month. Check out our events on our 2017 Events page or our 2017 Calendar.

Each year from the end of August through November, Celebration of Our Mountains has numerous events throughout the El Paso region of the Chihuahuan Desert. For 23 years, we've been hiking, biking, birding, climbing, photographing geocaching, studying and celebrating the natural wonders of the Borderland. Our events take you outdoors, provide recreation and teach you about geology, mineralogy, biology, ecology, paleontology, history, astronomy and much more. Many of our events are simply hikes and mountain biking. There is something for everyone: strolls, challenging hikes, beginner hikes and mountain biking and nature walks. We not only visit many places in the Franklin Mountains but also venture to the Prehistoric Trackways in the Robledos and the fluorite mines on Tonuco Mountain north of Las Cruces. We hike and walk in the Organ Mountains and go to the volcanic fields west of El Paso, the Otero Mesa and Guadalupe Mountains east of El Paso. We see fossils, dinosaur tracks, petroglyphs and many more wonders. For more information, please visit www.celebmtns.org. Our 2017 line-up of events will be published in July.

So – Hike our mountains. Explore our desert. Discover our wetlands. See our stars.

Jim Tolbert, Director
Celebration of Our Mountains

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