Welcome to the 2019 Celebration of Our Mountains

Jim on Picacho Mountain, Las Cruces, NM

Jim on Picacho Mountain, Las Cruces, NM

After the successes of our 2018 program I am excited about our 2019 program. We had a total of 5,793 participants at our events during our Fall 2018 program! That is triple the number from the previous two years.

Last year we began our Celebrate STEAM (Science, Technology, Eangineering, Art and Math) program that took students and adults of all ages on field trips to locations in El Paso of scientific and engineering interest.

We also continued our Earth Month program and collaborated with Rob Rohrbaugh of EPCC and his Geo-Ventures field trips.

Our Calendar is becoming the go-to place for all of our regional environmental, ecological, archaeological and outdoors organizations to promote their events.

We not only want people to get out into our beautiful Chihuahuan Desert, get exercise, lose weight and combat diabetes, we want to be an attraction to people faraway to our great City of El Paso, Texas. The extraordinary beauty here and the opportunities for outdoor recreation are unlimited. Our top goal in 2019 is to attract more people from around our region and throughout Texas and New Mexico to visit and spend time here in the Sun City.

One new program that we are starting on February 2nd is Celebrate El Paso History which will take people on field trips to places of historical interest in our region. Our first field trip is “Dig Up Some History at Concordia Cemetery”.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors we have been able to increase the numbers and kinds of tours and field trips that we offer throughout the year. We welcome our new sponsor, El Paso History Radio Show.

2019 is going to be a banner year!

Jim Tolbert, Director, Celebration of Our Mountains, a 501c3 organizaion

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