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Fossils of Scenic Drive

Cephalopod and reciptaculites

Cephalopod and reciptaculites

There are many interesting fossils along Scenic Drive in El Paso, and this easy hike takes advantage of a traffic-free Sunday morning to look at them. Dr. Eric Kappus and Dr. Anthony Alvarez will begin this field trip at the gated entrance to Scenic Drive at Robinson Avenue. (MAP) You will take a slow walk up the hill to Scenic Point stopping to look at all types of extinct sea creatures, including the largest snail in the world, ever, and the largest single-celled organism in the world, ever. These layers of rock have been recognized all the way to Nova Scotia! This walk includes a few scrambles up the hill for short distances, but these are not required in order to see fossils. Contact Dr. Kappus at Southwest University with questions:



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