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A Day at Keystone Heritage Park

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

Celebrate Preservation Month at Keystone Heritage Park, 4200 Doniphan Drive. Here's the line-up that you can look forward to:

  1. Railroad & Transportation Museum of El Paso: 1881 Transcontinental Railroad, "Great Rail Hub of the Southwest," and Streetcars- 1 table
  2. Military History Museum of El Paso - Indian Wars to Mexican Revolution / WW I:  1 table
  3. Rough Riders of the Spanish American War, 1898: 1 table  
  4. CARTA (Camino Real)
  5. Rock Club
  6. West Side Cub Scout Pack
  7. The Trost Society
  8. Keystone Heritage Park
  9. TX Dot Travel Information Center
  10. Frontera Land Alliance
  11. High Desert Nursery
  12. Renaissance Music with Dale Taylor 1:30PM
  13. Crafts for sale
  14. Plant and Wildlife Presentations

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