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Prehistoric Trackways Flood Site

Saturday, October 28, 2017, 9 AM
Hike: Prehistoric Trackways Flood Site

With paleontologist, Colin Dunn, travel back 280 million years to the Early Permian, a time when this area was a tidal flat on the edge of a wide seaway.  Learn about the abundant marine life that lived off the coast, such as Brachiopods and Ammonites, and what animals left their tracks in the shallow water of the tidal flat.  Additionally, numerous petrified logs and plants have been found in marine sediments.  Why are they in the ocean?  This hike will lead visitors up and over a hill to a scientifically important petrified wood locality, the Site Flood.  Geology and paleontology of the area will be discussed. Directions: Travel on Picacho Ave./ Hwy. 70. At the stop light with Shalem Colony Trail go north on Shalem Colony Trail for approximately 5.5 miles. Prior to reaching the Rio Grande, you will reach a county road, Rocky Acres Trail. Turn west on Rocky Acres Trail. Go west approximately ¼ mile to a dirt road entrance on the left-hand side. Cross over a cattle guard and continue to the west past the first parking lot to the second. Dress appropriately and remember the outdoor essentials – water, snacks, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and sturdy is approximately a 3-hours field trip, moderate hike. For more information, contact Colin Dunn at 


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