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★El Paso Electric Solar Facility and Montana Power Station

Join El Paso Electric on a tour of the Montana Power Station (MPS) and Community Solar Facility at the Eastside Operations Campus, 13511 Montana Ave. El Paso Electric Eastside Operations Campus. Tour is limited to 80 guests. Please reserve your spot by emailing by October 11, 2017. Include the number of people attending in your group.   

The Montana Power Station is comprised of four generating units capable of generating enough energy to provide electricity to more than 160,000 homes and add 352 megawatts (MW) of efficient, reliable and clean-burning natural gas power to the power grid. The state-of-the-art 88-MW simple cycle aero-derivative combustion turbines are powered by natural gas and have quick start capabilities which allow the unit to go from off-line to full output in less than 10 minutes, thus increasing overall power grid stability, and work in concert with the Company's renewable energy sources.
The El Paso Electric Community Solar Program is a voluntary pilot program available to all Texas customers: homeowners, renters and business owners. The solar facility has a capacity of 3,000 kilowatts (kW) and uses panels that track the sun for maximum energy production. This is the largest community solar facility in the state of Texas and was fully subscribed in just one month.



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