Hate To Do It

Celebration of Our Mountains has only cancelled a few of its events over the years due to weather or road conditions (usually caused by severe rain). Sadly the geology trip to McKelligon Canyon set for tomorrow has got to be cancelled. The wind will be gusting up to 50 mph and probably stronger than that on the eastern slopes of the Franklins.

Our Family Desert Hike on Saturday is still a go!

The Ordination of Michael Lewis to the Priesthood

I am posting this because many of us have known Michael for a very long time. He has been very important in the hiking and conservation communities here in El Paso. The Celebration of Our Mountains website was designed by him and, except for some cosmetic changes, addition of pages and updating, it remains his design.

I've known for a long time that Michael has a calling to the  priesthood. I know that he struggled with that for a few years. God just wouldn't let him get away.

I know that many of you will want to attend this very special event in his life.

Michael Lewis.jpg

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